Having children is a great responsibility. There is no doubt that the arrival of a baby can be a life changing event. Many new parents will speak of losing a former way of life. There are many memes (and jokes) about new parents and how leaving the home is now a 30 minute operation instead of just picking up the keys and walking out the door. It is painful and wonderful at the same time.

But some people choose not to have children and when we enter into conversations about the choices (or reasons) for having (or not having) children, we need to acknowledge it is an emotional topic. Let’s face it, there are good reasons for not having children. For some, they are just not ready to be parents and bringing children into the world would be bad for both them and their potential offspring. What about the limits to how many children one can feed and provide for? There could also be medical or health issues, where the life of the parent is threatened.

But good reasons may not always make something right. China, for example, has many good reasons for claiming most of the South China Sea. Then again, there are many other sovereign nations that argue against China’s claim. Just because they are good reasons, that does not make it right, they would say.

For those who read and believe the Bible, we are told that human life is precious and a gift from God (Psalm 127:3-5). If we accept this teaching, then the taking of life is always sad and tragic. More so if the reasons for termination are based on the idea that the person, or life to be, has no value at all. But we are also warned about being the first to throw the first stone. As followers of Jesus, we can all probably do more to support, love, and care for those who did not expect to be having kids just yet, but are. The Bible has always taught that having children is a huge responsibility (Ephesians 6:4), and this is something that most of us could agree on.


30 May 2018