The Big Dry

Simon Chen  

If you ever move West, get a rain gauge. It is interesting how many conversations can happen around those devices and what’s in them. “How much did you get?” is something everyone would be interested to know. It is highly likely that for most people East of the Great Dividing Range, the drought is just a word that pops up in the news from time to time, but out West, it is a pretty serious business.

It is no laughing matter for insurance companies who get called up by collisions with kangaroos and wombats for example. A recent news report has written about how incidences and claims have gone up as animals try to forage too close to roads. It is also pretty grim for the thousands who live on the land as they try to figure out what to do with their animals and farms.

Is it climate change at work? Is it just part of the natural cycle? Is it God’s fault? God is in control and we do read about times when God withholds the rain. In 1 Kings 17:1, we read of the Israelites mucking up and as a result, a prophet who declares that God will withhold the rain. Now before we read too much into it, it is worth taking note that we are not Israelites and (as far as we know), God hasn’t sent a prophet to make any such declaration against Australians.

So why does God choose to withhold the rain? A better question to ask would be why God sends the rain at all? As Jesus reminds us in Matthew 5:44-48, God sends the rain to both the good and the evil. So just as God shows kindness to those who rebel against him, so also should we (as his followers) show compassion and generosity to all people.

We do not know why the drought is here, but God does often give us opportunities to show kindness to people who are doing it tough. If we can pray, let us pray. If we can do something in support of those who are suffering from the drought, we should.


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28 July 2018