Que Será, Será

Simon Chen  

Did you see the blood moon? Apparently it is a sign that the end is nigh. Of course, add that to the fact that Mars is the closest to earth since 2003, and it is sure and certain we are all doomed. Don’t you know Mars is the god of war? And that in 2003, Iraq was invaded (which began a cycle of unrest and conflict in the Middle East to this day)? Blood and war! Jesus is coming! Everyone, look busy!

But seriously, what about those verses in the Bible which talks about the moon turning red as a sign of Jesus’ eminent return (Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, Revelation 6:12)? Why aren’t all Christians panicking and/ or parading around in sackcloth and ashes?

For starters, Jesus said no one (other than God) knows when he will come back again (Mark 13:32). Don’t worry! In reality, none of us know when we are going to meet our maker anyway so let us all live each day in a way that when it is time for us to go, there are no regrets. If we are followers of Jesus, we are all to live each day to his glory in any case.

But shouldn’t we do something to get ready? What if we can’t sell or buy because we don’t have the mark of the beast stamped on our foreheads (Revelation 13:17)? Firstly, when it comes to humanity, God is primarily interested in people recognising Jesus as king. That therefore should be our main aim in life- living in a way that points people to Jesus the king. Living in fear, we would suggest, would not point people to Jesus. A great rule of thumb is- do what God wants you to do (announce the Kingdom of God), and God will look after you (Matthew 6:33).

Secondly, many of the Bible passages which talk about the end times are written in a particular way (apocalyptic literature). There are rules which determine how we interpret and understand this genre and many point out that this particular genre is rich in symbolism and imagery. I.e. we don’t have to take it all literally.

Interpreting Revelation

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