The Image of God

Simon Chen  

Why are people so unkind? Apparently this was a phrase that was associated with Kamahl, a Malaysian born singer. It is a great question. Every day in the news, there seems to be stories of people being unkind to each other. Just this week, three in particular stand out. The first is of an AFL player striking another in the face during a game. The poor kid who got decked will probably have to eat out of a straw for a couple of weeks. The second was about a young lady in France who called out a man who was harassing her in the street. He actually went to her and hit her in the face. All this happened in public. The third was of a mother who was taken by ISIS forces and forced to be a sex slave. She is now safe and living in Australia, but she has not seen her husband since she was taken. He is presumably dead.

“Why God?” is a question that many people ask when facing difficulties in life. And it is true that we sometimes do not know why misfortune occurs. It is a question that many people in the Bible ask as well! How often though do we ask “Why people?” Why do people do unspeakably horrible things to other people?

The Bible would say that the reason why people are unkind to other people is we are all broken. We do not obey God and his rules and frankly speaking, are prone to being selfish. We like to think that our own comfort, convenience, and self image, is important and that often takes precedence over other people. This is why God’s Word reminds us to think of God first, then others, before self (Mark 12:30-31).

Another great question that we can ask is why should I be kind to other people? Why should all people be worthy of respect and esteem? Christianity would argue it is because we are all created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Can we all just consciously be kind to the people around us today?


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