Safe as houses!

Simon Chen  

Do you have a spare dollar? It is tricky for quite a few of us these days what with the seemingly increasing prices of petrol or electricity or gas. Will they come down? Well, the government seems to be making noises about that but we will see. For those of us who pray, we should be praying for those in authority that God will give them wisdom to do the right thing.

But maybe some of us do have the proverbial spare dollar. So what to do with it? Can we trust a financial institution to invest it wisely for us? Three words: Banking Royal Commission. For those who came in late, there have been quite a few alarming stories about what was (or maybe still is, who knows?) happening amongst the various movers and shakers in the Big Banks. One startling revelation concerns “fees for no service”. Is that even a thing? When you give your money to someone and expect something in return and then you don’t actually receive what you think you’re paying for, isn’t that like, stealing? Maybe not. When a big cheese was asked, “Did you think yourself that taking money to which there was no entitlement raised a question of the criminal law?” The response was, “I didn’t.”

What other options do we have? Some gurus suggest buying precious metals like gold or silver. But what to do with that? Bury it in the ground so that we (or someone else) can dig it up in the future? Stuff the mattress with cash (like Nan used to do back in the day)? Or maybe we should invest in property? But what about the ‘bubble”?

For followers of Jesus, we are challenged to take another view- look for people in need and bless them. Since the time of Jesus, storing treasures here on earth has always been fraught with peril. There will always be moths and vermin which destroy and thieves that break in and steal (Matthew 6:19). Jesus reminds us to rather “store up our treasures in heaven”. Definitely no worries about fees for no service there.


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