How do people know you are a disciple of Jesus?

Simon Chen  

What are followers of Jesus most known for? For those who read the news often, Christians are often associated with all sorts of things. Quite a few are negative and to be honest are quite justified. We aim for perfection, but by no means are near that goal at all. Nobody is perfect, right?

Jesus, however commanded us to love one another. He commands his followers to love one another and even says that by doing this, all people will know we are his disciples (John 13:34-35). It is, to put in diplomatically, a work in progress.

Those who have been attending church for a long time will know that all churches have a few people who are hard to love. We sometimes wonder why they are even there! But praise God for them! God has brought them there for a purpose and believe it or not, they are there for your benefit. It is easy to love people who are loveable, but loving people who are prickly, ornery, and downright difficult, now that is when we need God’s supernatural help. And if we ask, he is quite happy to help us with that! In loving those who are hard to love, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who died for us while we were still enemies of God (Romans 5:8). This is after all how everyone will know we are disciples of Jesus.

What if we don’t love one another? Well, in that, we can learn something from the recent travails of the Liberal Party. With all the shenanigans that are going on, Shorten just needs to hold on tight and (ironically) play a conservative game. In doing so, he might just be able to pull a Bradbury and cross the line for the gold.

For those who came in late, Steven Bradbury is the first person from the Southern Hemisphere to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. He was not expected to win, but all his opponents knocked each other over leaving him the sole competitor to cross the line.


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