50% Jesus, 75% Jesus, or 100% Jesus?

Simon Chen  

Honey is good for all sorts of things. Nowadays we usually use it as a sweetener but it also has all sorts of health benefits. Back in the day (like a long time ago), it was used to treat cuts and scrapes. For some reason, honey has antibacterial properties. Even now, if one has a sore throat or a bad cough, honey can help. As most people know, honey comes from bees and without their good work, the agricultural sector would be crippled.

Many beekeepers rely on the sale of honey. When we buy less honey, there is less incentive for beekeepers to stay in business. Of late though, we are (surprisingly) buying more imported honey. This affects local beekeepers right? So recognising the important work that bees do here in Australia, horticulturalist Robert Costa decided to check if it is really worth while buying foreign honey. Apparently, about half of what was tested was found to be adulterated.

Now most people would be offended if they found out they were paying good money for a dud product. We like to know we are getting what we paid for. We don’t like it when businesses are making a profit by cheating their customers.

This could be a reason why people don’t like coming to church these days. Christianity is (or should be anyway) about following Christ. When we claim to be followers of Jesus but act in ways that do not reflect his ways, then are we being fake Christians?

Churches are about building up people to be better followers of Jesus. We want to invite people to know Jesus and follow him. But is our Christianity 100% Jesus or 50% Jesus plus something else?

There is only one way to find out! Read the gospels, find out what Jesus said and did. There can be danger in getting what we know about Jesus second hand. Study his words and actions for yourself and reflect on what it means to follow him today. Bibles aren’t hard to come by in Australia! Honey is good for you, but following Jesus is better.


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