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What is he/she trying to say? One of the fun things about enjoying art is trying to decipher the artist’s message. Whether it is a song, a movie, a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, or whatever other medium the artist is using, there is usually a message. But what is it?

For years, artists have smuggled out secret stories. It could be about life, the meaning of life (or the meaninglessness of life!), their dreams, struggles, joys, etc. Sometimes, it is a lot of fun to discuss these things with friends. Patronise your local art gallery! Talk to local artists in your area! It is fascinating to approach a work from different perspectives and angles and talk about it afterwards.

One such artist with a story to tell is Banksy. No one really knows who he is (but some people have made a calculated guess). He is well known for guerrilla art (who knew such a thing even existed) in public places. The prolific street artist recently made headlines when one of his works was sold at an auction, and as the hammer came down, the work of art self destructed. Did we mention, it sold for $1.86 million?

What was the artist trying to say? Some might guess Banksy was saying something about how we put value on something that really has no value at all. He apparently despises art auctions for example. But don’t we prioritise things over people? Don’t we stay at work too long and sacrifice family? Or neglect eternal joys for temporal pleasures?

Or perhaps one could see it from a spiritual perspective. Not a few people have speculated that the value of that particular self destructing piece of art has appreciated tremendously. In shredding itself- that became a piece of invaluable art. The scriptures have something to say about how if one wants to gain life, he or she must first throw it away (Luke 9:24). Or how through the death of Jesus, an opportunity for life comes to all people. Value that comes through destruction – see?


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